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Radiata FJ H3 Treated & Primed

Products include Fascia, Breadloaf and Ladies Waist Handrails, Balustrade, Mid and Bottom Rails, Door Jambs DAR, Single and Double rebated, plus some moulding sizes and DAR. The treatment is H3 LOSP and the finish is an oil based 2 coat primer.

Why Choose Simmonds Lumber ?

Simmonds is a premier Wholesaler of a wide range of timber products for the housing industry, commercial construction, home renovations, and industrial markets.

Products are sourced from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and North & South America in order to provide customers with the right solution for their needs.

Simmonds has offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Surabaya and was the first company in the world to use DNA technology to certify the legality and provenance of timber imported from Indonesia.

An industry leader, Simmonds has worked closely with organisations such as Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund and is at the forefront of using technology to provide exceptional customer value.

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