H2 LOSP Framing is structural pine framing treated with permethrin Light Organic Solvent Preservative. It provides protection from borers and termites in above ground, interior framing applications in high risk zones.

H2-F Treated Framing or “Blue Pine” is suitable for residential domestic and light commercial applications such as wall frames and roof trusses.  It is for interior, above ground framing applications only.

Available in F5, F7, MGP10 or MGP12.  Perfect for the construction of pergolas and outdoor entertainment areas.  Can also be used for bearers and joists on all decking applications.  Able to be stained, oiled or painted.

The I Beams and LVL range provides a cost-effective solution with predictable performance in not only residential but commercial, rural and industrial construction applications.

Sourced form the West Coast of Canada and US, Oregon is available in both structural and Clear grades. Used in the construction and furniture industries.

Structurally engineered Finger Jointed and Laminated Beams. Available in Primed and H3 LOSP treated.

Available in F5, F7 and Machine Stress Graded MGP10, 12 and 15. Pine Framing has been used by generations of builders due to its high strength to weight ratio, flexibility and ease of use.